Prof:Joseph Mundassery Foundation

Prof. Joseph Mundassery was a towering personality. His abilities were many and varied. His sphere of activity ranged from literature to politics and administration. In all spheres he engaged he proved his quality and ability.
            Mundassery was an eminent literary critic and an excellent scholar. He has to his credit 40 and odd books, in addition to a number of articles published in various magazines of his time. Vice-Chancellor of Cochin University of Science and Technology, Member Kerala State Planning Board, member, Central and State Sahithya Academies, and so goes the eminent positions he held. But he is better known as the Minister for Education in the Cabinet of Ministers headed by the veteran communist leader E.M.S. Nampoothiripad. He piloted the Kerala Education Bill that paved the way for progressive changes in the field of education. The Bill which sought to bring in some order in the management of private schools including those related to appointment of teachers, payment of salary to teachers, grant-in-aid to schools, qualification of teachers etc. But these provisions turned to the dislike of managements who were enjoying uncontrolled freedom. The Aggarian  Relations Bill invited the opposition of the landlords. Managements and landlords, ably supported by casteist and religious forces with the blessings of the ruling party at the Centre waged a street battle called ‘Vimochana Samaram’. The democratically elected government of the State was finally dismissed on 31st July, 1959. It was a severe blow to democracy.
            Fifty two years after the passage of the Kerala Education Act, education continues to be the important area of conflict of interests. Attempts of the State Government to fix rules of admission and decide fees, bearing in mind the motto of reservation and merit, are opposed by the private managements of self-financing professional colleges. Managements resist changes both in structure and content of education.
            Prof. Joseph Mundassery and the reform ideas the presented hold relevance for the present and the future alike.
            Prof. Joseph Mundassery Foundation has been formed with the objective of upholding the memory of Prof. Mundassery and it stands for the ideals and values he cherished very much.